50 Ways to Make Extra Money in Your Free Time

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Your income is your greatest asset. It can help you pay off your debt, invest more, and build up extra savings. If you've already cut your budget to reasonable levels, the next step is to make extra money.

This could be a promotion, a better job altogether, more business training if you're an entrepreneur, or it could be a side hustle like one of the ideas below!

Fun Side Hustle Ideas to Make Extra Money

  1. Invest your spare change with the Acorns app 
  2. Deliver pizza at night 
  3. Become a dog walker or pet sitter
  4. Become a photographer 
  5. Become a tutor in your free time
  6. Have a garage sale and embrace a decluttered house. 
  7. Teach others a skill at your local community center 
  8. Give fitness classes in the park 
  9. Ask for a raise! 
  10. Sell your excess stuff on eBay 
  11. Make interest by lending on Lending Club 

Make Extra Money From Home

  1. Start a blog and monetize it
  2. Monetize your talents by listing a gig on Fiverr 
  3. Sell handmade items like soap and jewelry on Etsy

  4. Babysit other kids while you’re home with yours. 

  5. List your clothes on ThredUp or Ebay to make extra money 

  6. Become a freelancer on Upwork 

  7. Rent out your car on Turo.com! 

  8. Rent out your parking spot if you live in a busy neighborhood.

  9. Open a stand at your local farmers market. 

  10. Sell herbs and flowers on Craigslist. 

  11. Consign nicer pieces of clothing that no longer fit or match your style. 

  12. Sell your excess stuff on Decluttr 

  13. Read You Are A Badass At Making Money 

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Small Business Ideas to Make Extra Income

  1. Rent your place out on Airbnb 
  2. Try affiliate marketing with your blog or Youtube channel 
  3. Sell roses on Valentine’s Day 
  4. Sell fireworks in the weeks before 4th of July 
  5. Offer Christmas portraits in October through December
  6. House sit for people going on vacation 
  7. Become an Uber driver 
  8. Sell water and ice cream at the local parade
  9. Start a house cleaning side gig
  10. Test websites with usertesting.com and earn $10 per site tested. 
  11. Become a virtual assistant. 
  12. Become a delivery driver for Amazon or Postmates. 
  13. Try bartending on the weekends. 
  14. Create a course and sell it on Udemy 
  15. Edit resumes in your free time
  16. Sell or rent your textbooks 
  17. Start a podcast and sell advertising 
  18. Start an antique restoration business 
  19. Start a window cleaning service 
  20. Do chores on TaskRabbit 
  21. Learn graphic design and start freelancing 
  22. Become a caregiver on Care.com 
  23. Flip garage sale finds on Ebay 
  24. Become an au pair and travel the world 
  25. Edit written content using Upwork 

Which side hustle sounds perfect for you? Let me know in the comments below!

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